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Pre Loved Jewellery Is More Sustainable

It’s never been more important that we all do our bit towards living a more sustainable lifestyle and buying clothes and accessories sustainably is a very good way to start.

The jewellery industry carries a sizeable carbon footprint due to the level of carbon dioxide emitted during the process of mining, manufacturing and importing new pieces.

Each different type of jewellery mining and manufacturing varies in its impact on the environment but two of the worst offenders are diamonds and gold – in fact, it’s estimated that diamond mining requires enough energy to power over 1 million households for around twelve months, while gold mining is thought to emit around 36,793 tonnes of carbon dioxide per tonne of gold produced.

With this in mind, the most effective way to reduce the impact of jewellery mining on the environment is to reduce demand for new pieces by switching to pre-loved jewellery – a much more sustainable option.